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Life and death of a Partisan

On March 16, 1863 the 3rd Iowa Cavalry marched into the small settlement of Mound Place in Northern Coahoma County.  They were led by Major John Willock Noble who stationed his men at Hunt’s Mill.  Hunt’s Mill was a saw mill at the center of this farming community.  Even though the area was occupied territory,… Read More ›

Sam Carr

Sam Carr was born April 17, 1926 in Marvel, Arkansas.  Marvel is a small town in Phillips County, just west of Helena.  His parents were Robert Lee and Mary McCollum.  Sam’s birth name was Samuel Lee McCollum ,so how did he become Sam Carr?  Who were Robert Lee and Mary McCollum?  Sam’s father was a… Read More ›

Nancy Lindsley’s Saga on the Pass

Nancy was the daughter of Samuel and Susanna Brown.  She was born in Kentucky around 1815.  Her parents were married on September 14, 1807 in Garrard County, Kentucky.  Samuel was an ordained minister.  She had a large family and one of her brothers was Issac N. Brown, who would become famous as Captain of the… Read More ›

Mask v. LNO & Texas Railroad

On March 2, 1885, Hamilton T. Mask purchased a ticket at Memphis from the Louisville, New Orleans and Texas Railroad Company to Lula which was a regular station on the line.   He took passage on the first train to Lula with J.G. Haynes.  Both Mask and Haynes were farmers in Coahoma County.  Mask had… Read More ›

Lula Rich School Annual 1941

Lula Rich School had a long and rich history.  Children from Lula, Rich, northern Coahoma county, and southern Tunica County attended it.  This annual is special in that it was on the verge of World War II.  Many of the young men who are pictured in the school annual would serve in that conflict.  

Delta Family Grocery

My family came to the Lula area around 1940 and started a farm on Flea Harbor Road. Flea Harbor Road is on the Tunica and Coahoma County line.  The Mississippi Delta offered only a few pathways to having a better life in those days.  You either farmed or became a merchant. My Grandfather, James “Jimmie”… Read More ›

William Thomas Townsend, jr. of Rich

Taken from Clarksdale and Coahoma County Sometime after the Civil War, Captain Joseph Franklin Townsend and Colonel Hemingway bought a plantation overlooking the Yazoo Pass which they named “Bonita.” Using convict labor, the men cultivated Bonita Egyptian cotton, which was popular near the end of the 19th Century.  Townsend built a two story log home… Read More ›

Charley Patton

Charley Patton was known as the “Father of the Delta Blues” and has inspired many musicians who came after him.  He was born on May 1, 1891 in Hinds County, Mississippi.  He began playing the guitar at an early age and was soon traveling along the Mississippi River singing the Blues.  It is believed Patton… Read More ›

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