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Carnegie Library, Clarksdale

In 1909, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie was contacted about sponsoring a public library.  In 1911, the Carnegie Foundation gave $10,000 to the city of Clarksdale to build a new library with a provision that the city would purchase land and sustain it.  Construction began in 1913 and was opened on Soril 14, 1914.  It operated… Read More ›

Ground Zero Blues

I stopped by and tried Ground Zero Blues in Clarksdale,Mississippi for lunch today.  Ground Zero is set up to be like a juke house and they do have live blues concerts there on the weekends.  It is a very unique place to eat and there seem to be signatures everywhere you look from the seat… Read More ›

Moon Lake Park

Moon Lake Park is located on Paradise Point in northern Coahoma County. Years ago there was a trailer park here and some bathrooms. The trailers were removed and today a beautiful park with a boat ramp is located there. A covered picnic area and a fish cleaning station are here. Picnic tables are off to… Read More ›

William Thomas Townsend, jr. of Rich

Taken from Clarksdale and Coahoma County Sometime after the Civil War, Captain Joseph Franklin Townsend and Colonel Hemingway bought a plantation overlooking the Yazoo Pass which they named “Bonita.” Using convict labor, the men cultivated Bonita Egyptian cotton, which was popular near the end of the 19th Century.  Townsend built a two story log home… Read More ›

Delta Blues Museum

Take my word, it is definitely worth a visit whether you are a blues fan or not After leaving, you will be a blues fan though.

Front Street Block B, Lula, MS

the building on the left This was the site of the Keesee Building. It was a white stucco building of Spanish design with red tiles running along the front top porch. There were round windows along the side. Two windows on either side of a screened in door were at the front. The Keesee Building… Read More ›

Moon Lake Scenic Overlook

A new pier has been built on Highway 1 in Northern Coahoma county  allowing access to Moon Lake for the public.  There is parking right off the highway and a nice walking trail down to the pier. The pier offers a beautiful view of the lake and there is a covered area at the end… Read More ›

Founders of Rich, the Richberger Family

  Jacob Richberger was born around 1835 in Russian Poland.  He and his wife Fanny along with his son George migrated to the United States in 1864 and settled in New York.  After the Civil War,  Jacob moved to Mississippi for better opportunities.  He left his wife and son to tend to their store.  According… Read More ›

Coahoma County Court House

Coahoma County Court House is a newer building found in Clarksdale.  It occupies basically an entire block and is very modern. It is four sided with parking all around.

Lula, Mississippi. Coahoma County

That’s what Lula has been for more than a 100 years. Don’t count it out. Lula is gonna be here for a 100 more.

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