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Legend of Johnnie Keyhole

January 1, 2019

As a child, I grew up listening to my Grandparents tell me the story of Johnnie Keyhole.  Remember a legend is just a story that is passed down from one generation to the next so this story became the Legend of Johnnie Keyhole. Johnnie Keyhole and his wife lived out from Sledge in the late… Read More ›

Honoring Private LeRoy Johnston

On November 16, 2018, a ceremony was held at the Beth El Heritage Hall in Helena presenting a posthumous Purple Heart Award to the family of World War I soldier Private LeRoy Johnston.  He was wounded twice during the war and returned home.  Private Johnston then moved to Phillips County near relatives ,when he was… Read More ›

Shootout at Austin

  In 1879,Tunica County was still in a state of unrest after the murder of Sheriff Manning.  Nerves were on edge when a series of events took place which made things even more stressful.  This latest incident started down in Southern Tunica County at the small settlement of Slab Town, which later became Dubbs.  Dave… Read More ›

The Burning of the Kate Adams 1

Taken from the St. Paul Daily Globe on December 24, 1888 Memphis, TN December 23: The elegant passenger steamer Kate Adams, running as a semi-weekly packet, between Memphis and Arkansas City, burned this morning near Commerce, Mississippi 40 miles south of this city.  She was en route to Memphis and had about 200 people aboard,… Read More ›

The Glory of the Past, Steam Boat Day

Taken from the Historical Records Project #2224, Mrs. Hattie Johnson, Mrs. Louise Richards, Mrs E.H. Craves: circa 1939,  I have added in some additions and corrections. Since Tunica County has a frontage of about sixty five miles on the Mississippi River, steamboats are a big part of her history. As many our older citizens recall… Read More ›

Flood of 1935

In 1935, my Grandparents were living in the small community of Tibbs out from Sledge, when the worst flooding to hit that area ever occurred.  My Grandmother told me they went to sleep that night and awoke the next morning hearing a bumping noise under the house.  They thought it was an animal so my… Read More ›

Ghost of the Little Girl

In the early 1940s, an event occurred near by Grandparents house which was really tramatic.  Although the event didn’t happen in the house, it happened nearby.  A family lived next to my grandparents who had a young daughter about 8 years old.  She was an inquisitive little girl, with long blond hair, and always wandering… Read More ›

A Haunted Curve

When my family moved to Flea Harbor Road in 1940, there was a giant oak tree in a deep curve in the road directly in front of the house.  From that curve ran the drive way passing the house and ending at a farm shop.  A few years later a neighbor, who lived across the… Read More ›

What is My Lula Story?

Lula is as much the center of my stories as this house is. It’s part of me.

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