I grew up in the Mississippi Delta experiencing all the fun things which make that place so unique. Taught 26 years in a Delta school before retiring to start a new career so I understand the challenges of our area. Growing up at Lula near the Helena Bridge, I was lucky to have one foot on each side of the river. I feel at home in both Arkansas and Mississippi. Much like so many of our famous writers and musicians, I realized the Delta is just one place with a great river running through it.

“The Red Headed Bandit” Ira G. Allen

Masked gunman from the 1920s. On February 24, 1927 two masked men entered the central office of Standard Oil Company in Memphis, Tennessee armed with revolvers. Their intent was robbery … Continue reading “The Red Headed Bandit” Ira G. Allen

The Hustlerettes and the Lula Hotel

Straub, Virginia Merrifield. Phillips County Historical Quarterly. Volume 19, Number 3 & 4. June and September 1981. Published by The Phillips County Historical Society. Helena, Arkansas. This story is taken directly … Continue reading The Hustlerettes and the Lula Hotel