The Levee Commissary

Great food. Great atmosphere. Great place. Doesn’t matter what you want- a cold beer, an amazing steak, bologna sandwich or to play a quick game of pool, you can find it all at the Levee Commissary in Tunica County out by the levee. I’ve loved this place awhile and to be honest I don’t get out there as much as I should, but I plan on doing better. When you first park, you will notice the bait shop. Lots of people fish behind the levee and it’s at the Tunica Cut Off, so there has to be a bait shop.

The Levee Commissary is really a series of places. First there is the grocery store with beer boxes and a fully stocked meat counter. Tables for people who may not like smoking are there.

Then you enter the bar. Country music playing over the speakers. You have truly hit pure country delta. Bands perform and they have karaoke on the weekends.

Although the menu has some great choices from frog legs to sandwich’s, I decided to go for the steak. A good steak can change your mood and this one definitely did for me. The meal comes with baked potato, toast and salad.

In the back is a large room with pool tables and darts. You can really stay here for hours and many people do.

I got here at 6:30 so I could take pictures, but it was filling up by the time I got ready to go. People were even gathering on the front porch of this unique Delta hideaway.

If you are traveling on Highway 61 or trying your luck at the casinos, take some time to travel down the two lane country road leading you to the Levee Commissary. Check out their Facebook site. The employees are friendly and you will have a time. Not many places left like this in the Delta. I promise you will keep coming back. Don’t forget to check on their hours though.


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