Southern Outdoors • Barton

While out checking the Delta Heritage Trail State Park, I worked up an appetite and decided to go have one of the best burgers in the Arkansas Delta. Behind Double Quick in Barton, Arkansas at Walnut Corner is Southern Outdoors.

You know that the food is gonna be good when there is a line like this at 11 am.

They serve up plate lunches with fresh food like purple hull peas. The menu changes so you really don’t know what you are gonna get until you get there if you don’t check out their facebook site. If you aren’t interested in a big meal, there is a cold cut box containing all the Delta foods from bologna to lunch meat. You haven’t been to the Delta till you eat a grilled bologna sandwich. I grew up on them. Heads up though. We call it “beloni” so don’t sound like a tourist. I decided on a cheeseburger. Skipped the fries or I would still be eating on them because the serving is so big. This juicy big burger will fill you up.

You can find everything here from farm supplies, outdoor buildings, to preserves.

Check out Southern Outdoors at Barton, Arkansas just west of Helena at Walnut Corner. Whether you want plants for your garden or good home cooked food, this is it.


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