Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Pine Bluff had a 2014 population of 45,332 people. It is the county seat of Jefferson County, Arkansas. That county had a 2016 population of 70,016. Pine Bluff is the tenth largest city in Arkansas. It is also located along the Arkansas River.

The Quapaw were the first people to call this area home. They lived here for hundreds of years before the Americans and Europeans came.

Joseph Bonne, who was half Quapaw and French, established a fur trading post here in 1819. After the Quapaw signed a treaty giving up their land to the United States in 1824, many Americans began to join Bonne in his home along the Arkansas River.

In 1829, Thomas Phillips claimed a half section of land where Pine Bluff is now located. Jefferson County was established by the Territorial Legislature on November 2, 1829. In 1832, Pine Bluff was chosen as the county seat and it was incorporated as a town on January 8, 1839. Being near the Arkansas River enabled Pine Bluff to become a Port for travel and shipping.

During the Civil War, the U. S. Army occupied Pine Bluff and a battle was fought there on October 25, 1863. After the war, the city grew rapidly. By the turn of the century, the city was on the move. Unfortunately floods and a changing economy began to cause trouble for Pine Bluff. Like much of rural America, the city began to lose population in the late 20th century. In recent years crime and unemployment have been a problem. However, Pine Bluff is starting to rebound. Officials recognized tourism was important. Museums and parks began to be established.

A new library is being constructed in downtown Pine Bluff. Streets are being repaired and there is a growing feeling of optimism returning to the city.

You can find the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff there. Along with the college, Tyson Foods, the Pine Bluff Arsenal, and Union Pacific are major employers. Pine Bluff also boasts some of the nicest residents and I recommend people visit Jefferson County.

Near the court house, you will find a beautiful lake with fishing and walking trails. Just outside downtown.

Some fabulous older buildings bring back memories of days gone by as well.

Check out what’s happening in Pine Bluff. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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