Delta Cultural Center’s Fall Historical Play

The Delta Cultural Center, working in conjunction with the Helena-West Helena School District hosted a play dealing with historical characters from the region.  There was a Thriller theme and the kids did a Michael Jackson show at the end of the program.


The event took place at the Boys and Girls Club in West Helena.


Over sixty young people were present along with a number of adults.


The Delta Cultural Center also sponsored a carnival featuring all types of outside fun. The cold didn’t stop any of the kids.


The teenagers enrolled in the after school program performed a play dealing with famous characters from music and the arts.  They did much of the research and put in a great deal of practice and hard work preparing for this day.

Eliza Ann Miller


Sister Rosetta Thorpe


The young men portrayed Robert Nighthawk, Frank Frost, and Sam Carr.  They finished the skit with  a lip sink rendition of Big Boss Man!!!!

This was the second part of an after school program that the Delta Cultural Center has started to get the young people of Phillips County involved with acting and history.  It also develops leadership and creativity as they prepare and perform their acts.  The school program will continue after Christmas and the DCC will be looking for even more young people to get involved.  DCC Director Kyle Miller along with the entire staff are expanding the reach of this amazing agency more everyday.  Great things for the Helena area are always happening. Everyone is welcome.   I am so proud of these young men and women.  They did an outstanding job!!


Check out the Delta Cultural Center website to find out about upcoming events:



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