Some Bodies of Water in Southern Tunica County

In 1939, the WPA described a number of lakes and bayous in Tunica County.  Here is a partial list.  More will come in the future.    Taken directly from the WPA journals on Counties of Mississippi found in the Department of Archives, Mississippi.

Six Mile and Two Mile Lake:

These two lakes in the southeastern part of the county, Beat 5, were named for their length.  They are both very narrow streams, but a veritable “fisherman’s paradise” in the spring, later on in the summer they become very shallow and unfit for fishing.

Clear Lake

Is a beautiful small lake in Beat 5, deriving its name from the very fact that the water is so still and clear you can see the bottom through several feet of water.

Bear Lake

Down in Beat 5 gets its name from the animal itself.  Long years ago, before our County was cleared this shallow lake crew wild and rank with common bear grass.  This was a most delectable food for bears and whole families of them built dens and hibernated along the lake.  this grass, after all these years, still mats and tangles the shallow waters of the lake, almost meeting in the center, but the bears are gone.

Cow and. Cypress Lakes

Were named respectfully for the immense Cow Oak trees, and cypress tress that grew on both sides of these lakes.  Cow Oak is a very short, deep, narrow lake, while Cypress is a long, shallow, wide stream.

Walnut Lake

Name comes from a very costly accident.  Back in the early history of our County an immense rat of valuable walnut logs was being floated through this lake, from Coldwater River down to Yazoo River. The raft sank in the lake and the owners were never able to raise it or salvage any of the logs.  They lie today at the bottom of this lake covered with muck and mire, a small fortune lost to some one. This lake is one of our largest and prettiest.

Blue Lake

In Beat 2, that was named for old Mr. Billie Blue, who made his home on this lake many many years ago.

Flea Harbor Bayou

Found in the Southern portion of the county.  Flea Harbor Bayou has its source in the Coldwater bottoms.  It is a low area with natural slope to the Coldwater River.  It’s origin is not generally know, but probably for the presence of sand fleas in the vicinity.  The area is too marshy for hunting, but is good for trapping.


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