Sumner Grille, Tallahatchie County


Sumner Grille is found on the square in Sumner, Mississippi right across from the court house.  Love the sign.  Thats what really drew me in when I was looking on Yelp and online about where to eat at today.  When you walk in, one of the first things you notice is the decor. Its like something out of the west or what we think Is the west.  The walls are a mixture between stucco and brick.  Everything looks well used, but thats part of the charm of the place.  There is a section containing couches and books to sit and read if you want.  Saying “Come on in and stay.”


The dining room is large and a bar goes along one side of the wall.  Again, you continue with the feel of a Wild West Bar.  You are walking up to order a drink after a long day punching cows.


The waitress came over and explained the menu, but she told me about the Buffett.  It changes everyday.  I was lucky because I had came on Monday.  Mondays were Meat Loaf  Mondays.  I went over looking at the meal choices and I knew I was lucky indeed.  Every choice was good ole county food.  The kind we like in the Delta.  From Mac and cheese to Fried chicken.  The smiling lady behind the Buffet was also the cook and she welcomed me to this food heaven I had found. Three sides and a meat.  Yes!!!!!! The meat loaf was among the best I’ve ever eaten and my Mother can really cook meatloaf.  All the sides were done exactly right from the broccoli to the creamy Mac and cheese.  If you are in Sumner and want a good down home Southern meal, then go by and try the Sumner Grille.  You won’t be disappointed.


The Grille has limited hours though.  It is open seven days a week.  The hours Sunday – Friday are 11 am to 2 pm.  They are also open 5 – 9 pm on Thursday and  Friday nights.  On Saturday, they are only open 5 – 9 pm. These times are according to google, so they may vary.  Call ahead just in case if you are traveling a ways.  Their address is 105 S. Court Street, Sumner, MS 38957

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