The Delta Cultural Center, Welcome Center, Phillips County, Arkansas

Up front, I work at this museum, so I’m bias, but I believe this is a great museum that honors the entire Delta and is constantly changing and updating to help this area.  Today, I’m reviewing the Welcome Center which is on Cherry Street.  It’s easy to locate because of the blue awning out front.


The welcome center is the hub of the Delta Cultural Center where the offices and administrators are located.  It also contains exhibits,  a working radio station, and gift shop.


KFFA hosts the King Biscuit Radio show everyday in honor of long time disk jockey Sonny Payne.  It is keeping the Blues alive.


One side of the museum honors the growth of blues from the old field chants to modern day music.  On the other side, exhibits focus on local musicians that have made it big from Frank Frost to Levon Helm.


The DCC is also hosting a short term exhibit about Arkansas in World War I.


The Delta Cultural Center is a large facility that covers a number of sites.  I will focus on more in the future. I want to encourage everybody to come out and check it out whether you are from Mississippi or Arkansas,  or you are visiting from out of state.  This is a Center and not just a museum because it is constantly evolving and changing.   That’s what the Delta is.  A living, breathing place and not just a stationary thing.


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