Blue and White Restaurant 9/11/2018

I have to admit up front about the Blue and White.  I’ve been coming to this restaurant my entire life.  Back in the 1930s, almost every service station had a dining room where people could order meals as they traveled.  In 1937, the Pure Oil Company moved the Blue and White Cafe and service station to it’s present location from downtown Tunica so as to be on Highway 61.  The restaurant has only changed a little since then so patrons feel like they are walking back into history when they come through the doors.




Everything on the menu is spectacular so I will definitely be posting more meals and updates from here.  Since this is my first actual post on a meal I’ve had in a Delta eatery, I had to start with my favorite.  If you want a cheeseburger and the BEST onion rings in the world, then go by the Blue and White.  You will keep going back just like I have and thousands of others.  The Blue and White Restaurant is found at 1355 Highway 61 in Tunica, MS.



  1. My uncle Doyle worked at the Blue & White as a busboy before WWll. When he joined the army, they put him in a field kitchen due to his cafe experience. He served (no pun intended) on Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands and New Zealand.

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